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South Africa

Destination 9

It was a 5hr flight from Kenya down to SA for $327 which is pretty good. Im kind of sad that i had to leave Kenya so soon but I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun here. The first thing i did was go on a Safari. If you’re in Africa and you don’t go on a safari, you are crazy! They have so many animals that we don’t see back home like the zebra and the elephants along with the lions, cheetahs, and even penguins. Their variety is overwhelming but breathtaking. Safari


After that I rented a car and drove down to the very southern tip it was cool but not too bad, there were penguins on the beaches which I thought was totally awesome.Penguins


I stayed in Cape town and parked all my stuff there, i then went to visit the locals, this is known to be very unsafe so i travelled with a tourist i met at the hotel i was staying at her name was Bob. As bob and i went into town we were very excited to learn about the African tradition. We witnessed their tribal dances and their music along with how they gather together. Its was a heart warming experience and i really did love it.African Tribes

African Tribes

My time here ran out very quicky as its been a month and i have to head home now, this travel experience was incredible and i would love it do it again.

-Rachel Ribeiro

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Destination 8

Day 1
I have finally arrived from Egypt to Kenya. The plane ride wasn’t too bad, although I didn’t get any sleep on the flight over, i was too excited. I am super exhausted now though but the one good thing is that there is only one hour time zone difference! It’s 6:15AM in Cairo right now and 7:15AM in Kenya! The airport in Nairobi was so incredible, such a different experience from the airport back home. It is full of energy and there are many merchants in the airport trying to make a day’s living by selling trinkets or being a cabdriver. Even though I could really use a good night’s sleep right now, I have a very busy day planned ahead of me! Today, I am going to visit the giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi. I am going to be travelling by lori all day! A lori is the British term for basically a big truck. It has giant wheels to overcome the barriers in the road IMG_0348






After going to the giraffe sanctuary, I am going to visit the Great Rift Valley. Thousands of years ago, animals used to migrate across the valley. Back then, it was lush and green, not dry and brown like it is now. I am really excited to visit it! I had heard so many great things about the amazing viewpoint and also the small, local markets in the area! Hopefully, I will find some cool souvenirs like drums or beaded bracelets to bring back to my friends and family at home!

Day 2
I have included some pictures from Day 1 including a lori and pictures from the sanctuary. Yesterday was such a busy day but it was an amazing experience! I got to kiss a giraffe at the sanctuary (you put the food they eat between your lips and they will go up to you and take it from your mouth), and I bought a few drums and many necklaces and bracelets for my friends back home! The lori was a fun experience too, it was very bumpy and not at all like the cars back at home since it was so shaky and off the ground, but fun nevertheless. Today, I am going to visit an orphanage in the small village of Eur Ewuaso, pronounced Aero Was-oh. It is a village east of Nairobi. I have brought some gifts for the children there, small things like soccer balls, volleyballs, and skipping ropes! After that, I am going to visit the Me to We headquarters in Kenya (how cool is that?) and meet a Maasai warrior. A Maasai is a person, who lives in a nomadic way of life. They are really recgonizable because they always wear a red shawl, carry a walking stick or even a bow-and-arrow. The Maasai warrior I am going to meet is going to talk about his way of life and his childhood.

Day 3
Today is Day 3, the third and final day of my stay in Kenya! I’m sad to leave, since there is so much too see here! And also, so much to learn! For example, I learned a lot from the kids in the orphanage yesterday! They are all so thankful of what they have and eager to expand their knowledge! I should learn a thing or two off them! But honestly, the orphanage was such a rewarding experience!
It was so humbling to see how little the kids there have, yet they all have such big smiles on their faces. They are the happiest kids I have ever seen, so appreciative of what they have, unlike kids back in Canada.IMG_0065


After I gave them my present of the soccer balls, skipping ropes, and volley balls, we played a game of soccer in which they call "football", this is because Kenya used to be a British colony and they adopted some British terms! Anyway, they all laughed at me when I called it soccer! After playing with the kids for a few hours, I went to the Me to We headquarters and met the Maasai warrior.IMG_0139


The Maasai warrior’s name was Richard, and he was pretty young, only around 22. Despite this, he was already highly skilled with a bow-and-arrow, hunting knife, and a boomerang. He told me that in Maasai traditions, to prove you are ready to become a warrior, you must kill a lion. He told he was so scared when it was his turn because it was literally a life-or-death situation! Richard and I had a nice talk after about how different Canada and Kenya are. He hopes to one day come to Canada and study politics there! I hope that’s where he ends up, I know he’d like it there a lot!

Anyways im heading out to South Africa

Kwa heri! That’s goodbye in Swahili!

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Destination 7

The flight from India to Cairo, Egypt was $758 ouch. The flight was 4h30m with one layover. I cannot believe i am in africa right now, i dont remember the last time i've been this happy. Going to Africa has always been a dream of mine and I can finally say my dream is coming true. Alright, if youre planning on every travelling to egypt make sure you know the customs first, you always want to respect people if youre coming into their society. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, very modest and covered. Carry water though because I'm telling you, the desert is HOT and covered in clothing is not going to make it easier for you.

Cairo is one of the world's largest urban areas and offers many sites to visit. It is the administrative capital of Egypt and, close by, is almost every Egypt Pyramid. There are also ancient temples, tombs, gorgeous Christian churches, magnificent Muslim monuments, and of course, the Egyptian Antiquities Museum all either within or nearby to the city. The city is central to all the exciting places.

There were lots of tours within this city and i knew that there was so much i needed to tour guide to understand this place. I decided to follow in with the "Old Cairo Tour" which brought up to the earliest mosques and churches built in Egypt. We went to the Multi- Religious Compound, which was the oldest structure in Cairo. Multi Religious Compound

Multi Religious Compound

The tour took us also through the coptic museum and geave us a little history lesson that, to be honest, was quite boring.

Since there are no more famous sites in Egypt the great pyramids of Giza, that looks like its where im headed next. Most of the pyramids are closed off to the public but lucky for me the Great Pyramid of Khufu is accepting up to 150 visitors per day, so i guess tomorrow morning i have to go to the box office early and purchase myself a ticket before their all gone.

The pyramids are huge, and their like nothing you've ever seen before, walking through them you have to crouch because remember they werent as tall as you back then. There are many chambers and stair cases that lead to god knows where, theyre all blocked off. I would be a rebel and go in but im scared mummy's will come after me or it will cave in, man that'd be horrible. After that thought i was done with the pyramids, i had seen what i'd come for and now i was ready to leave.
step pyramids

step pyramids




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Destination 6



The flight was about 6hr from Bangkok to Goa, India with 1 stop it cost me $546.00. I travelled to Goa because thats where my roots are from my cousins live there and its my original backround. I got one of my aunts to come pick me up from the airport and take me to her home. I met a lot of my cousins i never knew even existed but apperently theres a lot of them. Most of this trip is going to be getting to know my roots but i do want to fit some travelling in. Driving through India is probably one of the craziest things you can do, its not like here, they dont have any street rules at all, so crossing a road is a lot less safe. My cousins took me down to the beach just to "chill" but i felt like i just did this in thailand so i suggested parasailing or doing atleast something to spice it up. It was the coolest experience ever, it felt like i was flying. Im not a fan of hieghts but the excitement overwhelmed me it kicked the fear out of me. My cousins werent too much of a fan about it but thats okay, atleast they tried. After this is was their treat to take me on a elephant ride. It wasnt as epic but it was definitly cool, i love elephants i think theyre awesome!Elephant Rides!

Elephant Rides!

The i went to the market to grab spices, walking through smelt so good, all the different flavours drew my nose in different directions it was awesome!z spices

z spices

The flea market was just as cool, they were both so crowded with people, apperently these are a big deal or something. On our way there was quite the road block, and not just your ordinary car crash, it was cows! Cows were holding up traffic, a herd of them were just taking their time walking across the street and to the locals there, this was absolutely normal. I thought it was absolutely nuts. ROADBLOCK


When we got back to the house there was ANOTHER family there to meet me, i felt like a celebrity or something, this family said they were just on their way out to go see the Taj Mahal and was wondering if i wanted to join them. I said Hell Why not? I grabbed my stuff with me and headed out, i thanked my new family for allowing me to stay in their house as i joined this family on their trip to the Taj Mahal. To be honest im not even sure how im related to these people but that doesnt really matter.

The Taj Mahal is the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements from Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural styles. The story behind it was that Shah Jahan, emperor during the Mughal empire's period of greatest prosperity, was grief-stricken when his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, died during the birth of their 14th child, Gauhara Begum. The construction of the Taj Mahal began in 1632, how nice is that. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

I talked to the family i was with and told them that there was one more thing i had to see before i left, the body of St. Francis Xavier. They agreed to take me even though it was back in Goa, i didnt mind going back. The body was held at the Basilica of Bom Jesus and is said that the body is a fresh as it was when he died. The tomb is in one of the oldest tombs in Goa, let alone India. We werent allowed to take pictures but it was very impressive especially if youre into the sciences.

That was India for you, a great cultural throwback for me. Lets say bye to asia as we head over to Africa

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Destination 5

The flight from tokyo to bangkok was only 4h45m and it only cost around $230. My family friend Josh, from Japan decided to travel to Thailand with me, hes been here once so he knows whats good. The first day were here is all sightseeing.. well most atleast. First we went the The Grand Palace which is filled with government offices and the Chapel Royal of the Emerald Buddha besides the royal residences. This is known as the Grand Palace, in which the earliest edifices contemporary with the foundation of Bangkok were the two groups of residences named the Dusit Maha Prasat and the Phra Maha Monthian.Grand Palace

Grand Palace

The next stop was The National Museum, which was originally established by King Rama V around the private collection of antiquities of his father King Rama IV (Mongkut) but more recently the museum still resembled more of an eclectic collection assembled from someone's attic, than a professionally managed presentation of Thai histor. It wasnt that great so we moved onto our next stop rather quick. The next stop is Santichai Prakan Park which is a small public park, approx. 1.28 hectares and has an excellent view of the nearby Rama VIII Bridge. Beside the park was the Phra Sumen Fort which is a national historic monument. We decided to walk over there next because this park was really just a scenic tourist spot. National Museum

National Museum

The Phra Sumen Fort is the hexagonal-shape concrete fort built in the reign of King Rama I. It was built along with 13 other forts to protect Bangkok. When the fort was renovated a few years ago, the items found inside were collected and displayed in a museum on the top floor of the fort. We went up to visit but we it was closed. Phra Sumen Fort

Phra Sumen Fort

Now before it got dark we travelled to Khao San Road and Bang Lamphu Community, This place was filled with tourists because it had the greatest deals on hotels and accomodations. They have pretty much everything on that road needed to survive and with the people working thier you have a nice friendly little community around you. I enjoyed thier hospitality very much as i settled in for bed.

The next day i head down to a beach not too far from Bangkok, it was about a 3 hour car ride but totally worth it, thier were not much tourists there yet it was very beautiful. It was called Koh Samet, i'll post a picture in a second. It was gorgeous, i dont remember the last time i took an actual relaxing vacation where you just lye on the beach at your all inclusive resort. Thats not really my style though i'd rather be going on adventures and exploring but this was a good change up. I made a sand castle with some of the local kids, it was so sweet. We stayed there all day relaxing because at night, they do this festival called Loi Krathong which is where everyone releases a floating lantern and it lights up the sky. It was absolutely magnificant, prettier than anything i’d ever seen. floating lanterns

floating lanterns

Tomorrow im leaving Thailand and visiting India!

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