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Destination 8

Day 1
I have finally arrived from Egypt to Kenya. The plane ride wasn’t too bad, although I didn’t get any sleep on the flight over, i was too excited. I am super exhausted now though but the one good thing is that there is only one hour time zone difference! It’s 6:15AM in Cairo right now and 7:15AM in Kenya! The airport in Nairobi was so incredible, such a different experience from the airport back home. It is full of energy and there are many merchants in the airport trying to make a day’s living by selling trinkets or being a cabdriver. Even though I could really use a good night’s sleep right now, I have a very busy day planned ahead of me! Today, I am going to visit the giraffe sanctuary in Nairobi. I am going to be travelling by lori all day! A lori is the British term for basically a big truck. It has giant wheels to overcome the barriers in the road IMG_0348






After going to the giraffe sanctuary, I am going to visit the Great Rift Valley. Thousands of years ago, animals used to migrate across the valley. Back then, it was lush and green, not dry and brown like it is now. I am really excited to visit it! I had heard so many great things about the amazing viewpoint and also the small, local markets in the area! Hopefully, I will find some cool souvenirs like drums or beaded bracelets to bring back to my friends and family at home!

Day 2
I have included some pictures from Day 1 including a lori and pictures from the sanctuary. Yesterday was such a busy day but it was an amazing experience! I got to kiss a giraffe at the sanctuary (you put the food they eat between your lips and they will go up to you and take it from your mouth), and I bought a few drums and many necklaces and bracelets for my friends back home! The lori was a fun experience too, it was very bumpy and not at all like the cars back at home since it was so shaky and off the ground, but fun nevertheless. Today, I am going to visit an orphanage in the small village of Eur Ewuaso, pronounced Aero Was-oh. It is a village east of Nairobi. I have brought some gifts for the children there, small things like soccer balls, volleyballs, and skipping ropes! After that, I am going to visit the Me to We headquarters in Kenya (how cool is that?) and meet a Maasai warrior. A Maasai is a person, who lives in a nomadic way of life. They are really recgonizable because they always wear a red shawl, carry a walking stick or even a bow-and-arrow. The Maasai warrior I am going to meet is going to talk about his way of life and his childhood.

Day 3
Today is Day 3, the third and final day of my stay in Kenya! I’m sad to leave, since there is so much too see here! And also, so much to learn! For example, I learned a lot from the kids in the orphanage yesterday! They are all so thankful of what they have and eager to expand their knowledge! I should learn a thing or two off them! But honestly, the orphanage was such a rewarding experience!
It was so humbling to see how little the kids there have, yet they all have such big smiles on their faces. They are the happiest kids I have ever seen, so appreciative of what they have, unlike kids back in Canada.IMG_0065


After I gave them my present of the soccer balls, skipping ropes, and volley balls, we played a game of soccer in which they call "football", this is because Kenya used to be a British colony and they adopted some British terms! Anyway, they all laughed at me when I called it soccer! After playing with the kids for a few hours, I went to the Me to We headquarters and met the Maasai warrior.IMG_0139


The Maasai warrior’s name was Richard, and he was pretty young, only around 22. Despite this, he was already highly skilled with a bow-and-arrow, hunting knife, and a boomerang. He told me that in Maasai traditions, to prove you are ready to become a warrior, you must kill a lion. He told he was so scared when it was his turn because it was literally a life-or-death situation! Richard and I had a nice talk after about how different Canada and Kenya are. He hopes to one day come to Canada and study politics there! I hope that’s where he ends up, I know he’d like it there a lot!

Anyways im heading out to South Africa

Kwa heri! That’s goodbye in Swahili!

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