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Destination 4

The plane ride was okay, but expensive none the less, from Salzburg, Austria (SZG) to Tokyo, Japan (NRT) it cost $1618.00 + $456.88 taxes and the flight was about 8h not including the 1stop. It wasnt too bad, Japan is such a culture shock though compared to Europe! Im in a state of shock at how advanced their society is, i mean they sell underwear in veding machines! This place delivers the unexpected truley.

During my visit, i stayed with a family friend teaching enligh at one of the elementary schools, so my hospitality was taken care of. I did a numerous amount of things while i was here, I witnessed a sumo wrestling match which was one of the funniest sports i have really seen, the concept is just so ridiculous. I went and saw the geishas, which was very odd, thet had make up done to appear pale white with red lipstick, as strange as they looked, they also appeared very beautiful.heigsha




the culture there is a little off ours, i have learned to never shake the hand of another person in greeting and that we were to bow. The japanese consider saying 'no' as a confrontation, and they use the word tabun meaning maybe.

Tokyo is like a more advanced version of Time Square, theres so many people that you appear as just another number almost, but being a tourist you stand out a little more than the rest of society. They do have really good sushi though, served with raw fish called Sashimi. tokyo lights

tokyo lights

i visited Yushima Temple which was a very peaceful self-endured trip, i got to get in tune with my inner self. The cooler part was getting there and back, i took what they call the bullet train, which is what we consider the subway, europeans consider their chunnel, but it wasnt the same as the subway or chunnel it was cooler, it was faster, it was crazy!temple


Well that sums up my experience in Japan, whats next? Thailand maybe..

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Destination 3

So after customs i walked a block or so and i turned about to see my bag cut open and my phone and cash was gone. I guess someone pit pocketed me, this bag does scream tourist. Oh well, what can i do, i got a temporary phone from a little corner shop in Salzburg (the city im in right now). This phone is kind of slow and well not the greatest so my blogs are going to be a little shorter than usual, sorry.

This city is the birthplace of Mozart, and hold the set of the Sound of Music, its rich in its cultural heritage alone with Vienna. Upon arrival i went to the sound of music tour, it was great, they took us through maribel's garden, then downtown, it was the real deal i good experience minus the tone deaf people joinging along in the sing-a-long. sound of music tour

sound of music tour

Maribells Garden

Maribells Garden

Along the tour i got great tickets for a classic concert that i had planned to see that night, i put my stuff in a hostel (21 EUROS) got dressed and head over for the "house production" at the mirabell castle. The next day i decided to spend the day understanding the significance of mozart. I started with Mozarts Geburtshaus, his birth place, which was now turned into a museum. Within the museum i learned lots about who he was, what he did and why he was so great. From there i went to try a mozarkugel, suggested by someone in the museum. Its a pistachio, marzipan and nougat core is coated in milk chocolate and until today is still handmade. There are numerous brands of them but the ones sold at the market are cheap and good! Afterwards i went to "Cafe Shakespeare" the food was average but the greater part of it were the locals i had met there, i met one who spoke little english but filled my knowledge with facts about Mozart and how the city looks at him. He was a well respected man, and brings quite a bit of tourism to the city without even being around. Mozarts house/ Current Museum

Mozarts house/ Current Museum

Mozart Statue

Mozart Statue

Well that was my trip in austria, were now moving out of europe towards asia

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destination 2

I boarded the 8:05pm City Night Line train from Paris to Berlin, Germany arrive 12 hours and 20 minutes later at 8:25am. It cost $177 for second class seating for the 654.2 kilometer ride. I chose this over the 1hr40min plane ride because it was cheaper in repect for the ride and because that way i did not have to pay for a hotel room for the night, I had just slept on the bunks in the train.

Arriving in the morning I had all my bags with me I had decided to go eat and do some local sightseeing. I sat down for a brunch to kill a bit of time, it was quite delicious though. From there I had made my way over to the Holocost Memorial, a monument to the murdered Jews in Europe. The monument is a series of stone slabs, arranged in such as way as to create disorientation and confusion, the aim being to symbolise that at this time the Human Race lost its way. This experience was nothing like anything ive ever been through before but I did truely love it.Berlin, Holocaust Mahnmal<br />[ ©  GŸnter Schneider,  Brussaer Weg 17, 12109 Berlin,  Postbank Berlin Kto. 415097102,  BLZ 10010010,  Tel. 030-7031041  Fax 030-7031052,  email  Gschneider.berlin@t-online.de,  www.guenterschneider.de

Berlin, Holocaust Mahnmal
[ © GŸnter Schneider, Brussaer Weg 17, 12109 Berlin, Postbank Berlin Kto. 415097102, BLZ 10010010, Tel. 030-7031041 Fax 030-7031052, email Gschneider.berlin@t-online.de, www.guenterschneider.de


I then went to the Mitte which is what they call the centre of Berlin, its located on along the Spree River. I would like to stay at a hotel or hostel here because it is surrounded by a number of monuments and landmarks. I went to the Berlin Cathedral right in the centre of the Mittte. It was beautiful, it was gigantic, they even let us climb through the cathedral to the top of the dome for view over the city, while inside the building the church itself is a beautiful example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. berlincathedral


After this I checked into my hotel for 55EUR, it was alright but i didnt mind paying since i was only staying for 1 night anyway. After cleaning up i had planned on heading to the Brandenburg Gate, that was the first thing i got off my "Things To Do In: Germany" list. It had been truely magnificant, having suffered minor damage during World War II the governments of East and West Germany worked together on restoration work and now the Brandenburg Gate has come to symbolise peace and a unified Germany. At night it lit up the city clowing beautifully. berlin b

berlin b

Back at the hotel I took advantage of their wireless internet to find out more about visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle, its between Munich and Austria. Maybe I'll stop through munich on my way there. Looking online i found a 6hr5min train ride via raileurope for 43$, It departed the next morning at 8:08am. I was too excited to sleep, this was a dream come true.

I woke up early anxious to leave but dreading it at the same time, i boarded the bus arriving some time around 2:15pm to the wonderful city of Munich. This was only a stop on my way to Neuschwanstein Castle, and i had only really planned on staying here for the day and maybe go to one of their famous nightclubs. Upon arrival i headed over to the which was the official home of Bavaria's monarchs from 1385 to 1918. Though during World War II, the Residenz was almost completely destroyed but many of the masterpieces inside were moved to safety before the bombs hit the palace. Today, the Residenz Museum occupies the southwestern portion of the palace and consists of about 120 rooms full of art, furnishings, and other treasures. The museum is open daily and admission is free for those 15 years of age and younger, so it was simple for me to go pay a visit. Renidenz Palace

Renidenz Palace

I had gotten cleaned up in a public bathroom then put my bags in a locker at the bus terminal so after the nightclub I could head over for my 3am bus ride to to Neuschwanstein Castle.

I slept through the ride, but it wasnt really that long buti slept through it really.. you could call it a nap really but i was just so pumped to go to such a beautiful castle i didnt feel all that tired.

The castle was GORGEOUS, it looked like every little girls dream castle where they were the princess. Neuschwanstein Castle litterally means “New Swan Castle” and was built in the 19th century though designed as if it were made in the 13th century. It is located in the Alps in Bavaria, in a magnificent landscape, on the top of a hill. Neuschwanstein overlooks the Hohenschwangau valley. As if the castle itself wasnt beautiful enough the land around it was just as beautiful. Did you know that this fairytale look of the Neuschwanstein castle inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom at disney world. CRAZY, I KNOW! Neuschwanstein


Anyways there were a couple buses that came for the tour so i transferred onto the bus coming from austria and followed them back. TTYL AUSTRIA BOUND

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Destination 1 -July 1st

i departed from Toronto (YYZ) early morning July 1st and arrived In Paris, France (CDG) 9 and a half hours later just past 5pm. The flight cost just 297$ dollars but the tax itself was another 254$. The total cost ending up being just around $550. It was 6015 kilometers long

The first thing i decided was neccessary to do was to find my hotel and check in before i went out to explore. i grabbed the quickest cab to take me to the Premiere Classe and the cab driver took me straight there. The currency for the euro is the is 1 dollar to 0.7796 euros. I got to the hotel and it wasnt to bad for what i was paying (29 euros a night) so i was really hadnt expected much. Im happy with a roof over my head and i dont really care about the condition because im going to be in and out constantly.

After I had checked in, I had showered, than realized how exausted i am. Though i still hadnt eaten dinner so i just went out quick and stopped at a small cafe close to my hotel. I had grabbed just a sandwich but it still cost more than expected. Man, Europe is going to keep taking my money.

The Next morning i had woke up early grabbed a croissant from the same little cafe and on my way, i left with my map in one hand and a cappuccino in the other. By foot i started to enjoy the culture, looking around to see everyone dressed to the nines. I felt a little under dressed if i do say so myself.

The first place i visited was the Arc of Triumph, I got a good history lesson there from a local which was quite interesting although he had not spoken much english, it was bearable though and i had a great experience. Arc de Triumph

Arc de Triumph

From there i had gone to see the Place de la Concorde, a statue built in celebration of the recovery of a sick king.Place de Concorde

Place de Concorde

Around it were multiple statues and fountains that contained so many stories. All i could think about as i was there was the eiffel tower i could see in the distance, it was breath taking but i had to wait. I was waiting until the sun had set to witness the eiffel tower because I had heard the tower looks magical when it is lit up at night. As i watched the sun set from the cab as he drove me towards the eiffel tower my heart was racing and the excitment became over whelming. As i ran out of the cab towards the eiffel tower it lit up and it had taken my breath away. It was magnificant, i had met a local man under the eiffel tower who had decided to acompany me as i enjoyed the view. We shared champaigne than he had escorted me back to my hotel.Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

I had went to bed early to prepare myself for another long day.

Day 2

I had woken up early because, well, to sleep in france is dumb, sleep is for the dead. I had gotten dressed in clothing a little more suitable and headed out. I decided that since i had seen a great amount of famous monuments and statues in my first day i'd relax a little today. I had went to the bakery picked up some fresh bread, meats and cheeses and walked over to the Parc Monceau. It was a park with locals and tourists just enjoying nature at its finest and taking in the beauty. I made my self a sandwich with the food a purchased, took a seat on the grass and relaxed. But not so fast, right after i had finished eating i had got up and made my way towards the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Notre-Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral

The Notre-Dame Cathedral was beautiful, It had free entrance and trust me, there wasnt much in france that was free. i had actually just made it in time to attend a mass offering. Though the mass was in French I didnt mind, truly i was too focused in on the structure and the size of this church. After i left i was walking down the street stopping in stores to look for a souvineer but i had realized that if i were to stay here much longer i would go broke, so i purchased a small magnet and was on my way. I headed back to the hotel and packed up all my stuff. I had to get out of Paris by tonight so i could make it to Germany in time.

I'll write again soon, bye

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